Wednesday, 25 September 2013

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I've been drawing my arse off lately and not a whole lot to show for it but some is coming together. As well as completing a 5 pager and a crudely animated sequence to go on Youtube, I've had various other projects so last weekend, I took a breather and just chilled, doing stuff for myself.

That mainly included starting some pencilled pieces for myself to ink and finishing off a few other pieces. Results are mixed at best. Some have come out nice: unless I cock the inking up, I am fairly hopeful for two pieces, I started a really nice Jim Morrison then ran out of space for the top of his hair so will probably have to ccomp in hair as I don't think I can recreate the likeness achieved so far: sometimes you can't recapture that spark.

Other pieces failed: a Kate Beckinsale was nice in pencils, ok in inks but not good in colour. Similarly, a Clint Eastwood was nice in pencils but went all kinds of wrong in the inks. Still, I really liked the Gulacyesque image so may give it a second bash and tighten up on that likeness. These won't be posted, neither will a few other bits pottering away in the background.

Above are a few examples I can show: the eggs were created for the afore mentioned animation project but it was suggested I might want to copyright them. I doubt I'll ever use them but you never know, so these are the Eggsplosions. The Little Red Riding Hood turned out okay and Jeremy's Piles was a rejected Viz submission...they choose not to run it (I've never been a huge buyer so have since been told it may be too similar to a strip called Nobby's Piles which I assume runs on the same line) but they said the quality was very good and they would be happy to look at anything else.

As a result, I have another one-pager in the works but also need to return my focus to the four pages I have to do for TMSAV. I've thumbnailed the story twice though and while perfectly clear storytelling, want to tighten it up a bit.

So anyway, pics above then...

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